History of MHSA Wrestling Individual Champions

To view the complete individual state championship wrestling brackets for past MHSA state wrestling tournaments, click on the links below.

If you have any additions for these archives, we encourage you to contact Brian Michelotti at the MHSA office at 442-6010 or e-mail bmichelotti@mhsa.org.

1990-91 AA A BC  1991-92 AA A BC  1992-93 AA A BC 1993-94 AA A BC
1994-95 AA A BC 1995-96 AA A BC 1996-97 AA A BC 1997-98 AA A BC
1998-99 AA A BC 1999-2000 AA A BC 2000-01 AA A BC 2001-02 AA A BC
2002-03 AA A BC 2003-04 AA A BC 2004-05 AA A BC 2005-06 AA A BC
2006-07 AA A BC 2007-08 AA A BC 2008-09 AA A BC 2009-10 AA A BC
2010-11 AA A BC 2011-12 AA A BC 2012-13 AA A BC 2013-14 AA A BC

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